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Hudsons Circus provides the highest standard of care to our animal partners. Our animal trainers and carers live, work and care for our animals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Animal welfare and care is the first priority at Hudsons Circus and we are against animal cruelty.

In every town we provide outdoor yards that exceed government regulated standards for the housing of circus animals.  We set the animals up to maximise their opportunity for grazing, foraging, socialisation and protection from adverse weather conditions. Our animal accommodation can be viewed by members of the public from the outside of our boundary anytime and we welcome questions and inspections whenever requested.


Our animals are transported between towns in our custom built animal semi-trailer, which provides optimum levels of comfort and welfare. Each section is rubber lined and carefully designed to suit each individual animal species.


We limit the distance travelled between towns each day for the animals and allow several days if it is a bigger drive. During rest stops their yards are set up and they come out and given time to eat, drink and rest. The animals look forward to new surroundings and grazing opportunities when they arrive at each new location.


We pride ourselves on the personalised care we give each of our animals. Each individual has feed selected to suit their own needs and they all receive regular health checks and vaccinations. They are groomed on a regular basis which helps to check them all over and builds on the strong bond between handler and animal.


When training our animals we watch them during their playtime and tailor their routines to suit their individual preferences and natural abilities.

Our animals are trained through a system of reward and repetition and these behaviours are linked together on cue which ultimately becomes the routine you see at the show. Our animals perform for only a few minutes each show and the rest of the time they are resting and socialising with each other in their paddocks.

Circus Horse dentist visit
Liberty ponies
Camels enjoy fresh forage
Beau with Pearl and Storm
The Flipping Disc Dogz

Meet the animal team!

5 Welsh Mountain Ponies
Silver, Spunky, Sonny, Star and Flash


Dromedary Camels
Pearl and Storm


The Flipping Disc Dogz
Semi Finalists on Australia's Got Talent

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